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Catering and food supply

Global Offshore Logistics has been providing various on-board Catering services to Rig Owners and Ship Managers since 2010. Global Offshore Logistics is established as the benchmark for providing fresh quality, nutritious and wholesome food produced for offshore and shipping. Having developed and perfected our practice, we truly understand the difficulties and logistics in rig/ship supply and management.


We shall be happy to send you a tailored offer after receive details on the project location, POB, preferences in cuisine and special requests. Our certified Hospitality professionals do their job in such a pleasant way that you can easily spoil your crew with the best Catering service in the Offshore Industry.


Our catering services include:

• Catering, housekeeping & laundry
• supply of food, beverages and bonded stores
• Catering personnel
• cleaning of accommodation
• catering & safety training
• certification
• HACCP Compliance


GOL Catering works in full accordance with Hazard analysis and critical control points, (НАССР), which is а systematic preventive approach to food safety. This allows us to guarantee 100% safe meal preparation, storage and handling. We guarantee supervision and checks of food products delivery process, all the way from local store to the end point. According to HACCP food safety program, we take food temperature probes and make visual inspections of food products before they are processed, thus making sure that all food products are 100% safe to consume.


In case there are national food preferences within your crew, we can supply 100% Halal or 100% Kosher food. We also take care of special dietary or allergy requirements for your people and handle allergen free products separately with extra care.


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WORLDWIDE SERVICE • Anywhere – Anytime


ADMINISTRATION • Transparency & Efficiency

HEALTY, SAFETY AND HYGIENE • Developed, Designed & Adapted for Vessel Crews

COST REDUCTION • Evaluation of Quality & Service

BETTER QUALITY FOOD • Our experience ensures proper selection and handing of food from order to table.

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