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Global Offshore Logistics offers the best of fresh and frozen provisions. Our supply is available for foreign catering management companies as well as ship’s captains, owners and managers. We also recognize the importance for our client knowing they are getting the best goods for the most competitive price. Our commitment to integrity and transparency ensures stress free orders and our pricing and payment terms facilitate trouble-free completion of transactions.


Global Offshore Logistics – Strategically located to serve the essential ports around the Globe.

- Strict In-house quality control insures unparalleled quality of produce and provisions.

- Specializing in ethnic foods including Russian, Ukrainian, German, Philippine, Indian and Chinese cuisine.

- Delivery Satisfaction Reports detail successful transactions and quality control you can rely on.


Quality you can rely on




Global Offshore Logistics deliver marine and offshore supplies to the international shipping industry as well as to the offshore industry.


Global Offshore Logistics provides all kinds of cabin, spare parts, Marine equipment, deck and engine:


- Cloth and linen products

- Tableware and galley utensils

- Clothing

- Ropes and hawsers

- Rigging equipment and general deck equipment

- Marine paint

- Painting equipment

- Safety protective gear

- Safety equipment

- Hose and couplings

- Nautical equipment

- Medicine

- Petroleum products

- Stationary

- Hardware


- Brushes and Mats

- Lavatory equipment

- Cleaning material and chemicals

- Pneumatic and electrical tools

- Hand tools

- Cutting tools

- Measuring tools

- Metal sheets, bars etc

- Screws and nuts

- Pipes and tubes

- Pipe and tube fittings

- Bearings

- Electrical equipment

- Packing and jointing

- Welding equipment

- Machinery equipment

Global Offshore Logistics Ltd.

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